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Management, leadership and development courses

# Program name Place date
1 Leading work groups by developing entrepreneurship and creativity Dubai 7-11/1/2024
2 Best leadership practices for achieving goals Lebanon 7-11/1/2024
3 Creativity in delegating to make decisions Istanbul 14-18/1/2024
4 Crisis management through planning, organization and administrative direction Malaysia 14-18/1/2024
5 Development of creativity and supervision skills in the work climate Jordan 21-25/1/20204
6 The successful administrative approach in simplifying the procedures and systems of the functional process Singapore 28/1-1/2/2024
7 Communication psychology and body language Dubai 4-8/2/2024
8 Effective strategic planning for implementing EFQM strategic plans and institutional excellence Dubai 4-8/2/2024
9 Executive leadership, challenges and risks analysis Istanbul 11-15/2/2024
10 Rules for distinguished driving supervision Dubai 11-15/2/2024
11 Planning and development to create an effective creative environment at work Istanbul 18-22/2/2024
12 Dynamics in driving to achieve the optimum course of the work group London 19-23/2/2024
13 Advanced techniques for resolving administrative disputes London 19-23/2/2024
14 Work organization methods to reduce organizational stress and tension Istanbul 3-7/3/2024
15 Administrative effectiveness in building an organizational culture based on creativity and innovation Sharm El-Shaikh 3-7/3/2024
16 Optimizing time and resources to achieve efficiency and effectiveness Istanbul 3-7/3/2024
17 Settling differences between work groups and dealing with difficult personalities Cairo 3-7/3/2024
18 Administrative excellence in setting priorities and achieving goals Dubai 14-18/4/2024
19 The importance of creativity in planning, organizing, and problem solving to build a successful agenda Dubai 14-18/4/2024
20 Creativity in drawing strategies and plans and measuring performance London 15-19/4/2024
21 Solving job conflicts, building bridges of trust, and effectively dealing with anger at work Istanbul 14-18/4/2024
22 The techniques used in knowing the level of functional work efficiency and measuring the organizational burden Dubai 21-25/4/2024
23 Evaluating the efficiency of administrative performance and quality control systems in administrative workers Jordan 21-25/4/2024
24 Manpower planning, process re-engineering and performance evaluation Dubai 21-25/4/2024
25 Recent trends in personnel affairs (benefits and compensation) Dubai 21-25/4/2024
26 Kaizen Strategy Japanese Integrated Program Jordan 28/4-2/5/2024
27 Anger management, excellence in dealing with others, competence in dealing with issues, problems, crises, and building confidence in work Istanbul 28/4-2/5/2024
28 Mechanisms of thinking and strategic planning for senior leaders in the future orientalism Jordan 28/4-2/5/2024
29 Building administrative and organizational structures and regulations and simplifying administrative work Jordan 28/4-2/5/2024
30 Total Quality Management TQM and Continuous Improvement Course (Kaizen Methodology) Istanbul 28/4-2/5/2024
31 Evaluating the efficiency of administrative performance and quality control systems in administrative workers Istanbul 5-9/5/2024
32 Methods of excellence in analytical creativity, efficiency in management and prioritization in career work Cairo 5-9/5/2024
33 Protocol and etiquette for public relations officials and office managers Sharm El-Shaikh 12-16/5/2024
34 Developing the skills of workers in administrative services Dubai 12-16/5/2024
35 Principles of administrative investigations with employees and the imposition of disciplinary sanctions Cairo 19-23/5/2024
36 Strategies of excellence in public relations management and the art of protocol and art Dubai 19-23/5/2024
37 Project planning, scheduling and oversight Dubai 26-30/5/2024
38 Advanced high-performance driving Dubai 26-30/5/2024
39 Integrated leadership network of excellence in effective organizations Istanbul 26-30/5/2024
40 Transformational strategy Istanbul 2-6/6/2024
41 Leading contact with organizations Istanbul 2-6/6/2024
42 Good management of multi-tasking teams with responsibilities for the supervisory and leadership level Dubai 9-13/6/2024
43 Leadership influence  “sources of leadership power and influence, and effective leadership influence factors and methods Dubai 9-13/6/2024
44 Strategic planning for investments Dubai 9-13/6/2024
45 Strategic intervention in driving change for excellence Cairo 2021/8/5-1
46 Strategic thinking and effective planning Istanbul 23-27/6/2024
47 «Talent management» (strategies for managing outstanding talent, knowledge management and performance according to KPI’S key performance indicators) Dubai 23-27/6/2024
48 Strategies for successful organizational development (at the level of the organization, departments, divisions, and individuals) Dubai 23-27/6/2024
49 Re-engineering administrative processes to improve institutional performance and quality of decisions Dubai 30/6-4/7/2024
50 Performance analysis for enterprise business development Cairo 30/6-4/7/2024
51 The role of human resources management in promoting intellectual capital Dubai 14-18/7/2024
52 Leadership negotiation and persuasion “strategies and tactics” Sharm El-Shaikh 11-15/8/2024
53 Measuring strategic performance and increasing the effectiveness of senior management Sharm El-Shaikh 8-12/9/2024
54 Innovative organizational trends to develop work methods and their applications in accordance with the standards of institutional excellence EFQM Cairo 8-12/9/2024
55 Administrative competence in re-planning and engineering work systems and achieving comprehensive quality Sharm El-Shaikh 6-10/10/2024
56 Modern means of managing crises through leadership, planning and effective communication Dubai 10-14/11/2024
57 Create new hires London 30/12/2024-3/1/2025