Akaz Capital عكاظ كابيتال للتدريب والإستشارات



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Main area

Administrative and Economic Consulting,
Environmental, petroleum, foreign languages, communication technology, electrical, human development and construction
And the development of competencies.

strategic goals

Consolidating the concept of investment through consultations and studying work development, increasing the efficiency of the human component and information technology, providing leaderships and employees with the skills, knowledge and tools that enable them to raise the level of efficiency and performance professionally. Rehabilitation and empowerment of the national institutional environment by taking advantage of the global competitive advantage. The introduction of modern technologies to continuously develop the training process while using innovative training mechanisms and methods to raise the efficiency of training performance.

the message

Developing advisory studies and contributing to building national capabilities and competencies with international standards and creative tools through which we seek to advance the level of the individual in society.
And governmental and private institutions.

AKAZ Capital

The name of the AKAZ Capital Company came in relation to the AKAZ Island, which was in the craze of Kuwait, as it is located in the northwest of the port of Shuwaikh, opposite the Islamic Sharia College. Previously, its area was approximately 12,000 square meters, and what remains of it is currently estimated at about 1,000
Square meters after being annexed to the port of Shuwaikh, which is the smallest Kuwaiti island. It was given several names such as: Small Island, Shuwaikh Island, Umm Al-Naml Al-Saghir and Al-Qurain.

Incorporation and Headquarters:

AKAZ Capital for training and economic and administrative advice was established in 2013 and is located in Kuwait, in a strategic partnership with Joined Up Strategy, UK and University of York – The University of York – 12 University of York, where this university is one of the five oldest universities in Malaysia 14 The second largest university in Malaysia is the Malaysian University of Technology, specializing in modern technology, 16 and the aviation sector and the Islamic economy. Where the company has several branches outside the State of Kuwait, the State of 18 United Arab Emirates in the Emirate of Dubai and the United Kingdom – Britain.

More than 7 Years
of Experience







Why choose us


Excellence and development.


Continuous creativity and innovation.


Transparency and credibility.







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